Services – New PC Setup


Did you buy a new or refurbished PC?   Do you want to?  We can recommend business class, grade A, refurbished PC’s or laptops that are quite reasonable in cost and all come with a 1yr warranty.  New? We can help with that as well.

One of the most important things you can do, is to trust the service pros at BCR to set your new PC up properly.   Whether you have an old PC, or multiple old PC’s, we can move all the data, personal settings, wallpaper,  browser favorites and much more, to your new PC.  We start with our own custom operating system image that is tuned for Speed, Security and Privacy.   We then apply this image to your new PC, back up the data from your old machine(s) and import it into the new PC.  All of your personal data is right where you left it, but on your new PC!  Our New PC Setup service starts at $89.  Questions?  Ask away!