• review rating 5  

    thumb Deborah Brown-Moon

    review rating 5  I would recommend Steve anytime. He really is a champ with computers. When you do something and your heart is not in it, then it just becomes a something that you do, but when you do something and your heart is in it, you love doing it and you do it with excellence, dedication etc. Steve's heart is in computer fixing and he does it with love and excellence. He's absolutely committed into doing his utmost when giving your computer to him to fix. He's not perfect but puts his heart in it and that's the difference. You can trust him anytime knowing that he'll do his best for you!!

    thumb Linda Chapman

    review rating 5  Steve has been very helpful in the past with my computer issues. He's very flexible with time and quick at getting the problem solved. Also very reasonable prices. I would definitely recommend turning to him for your computer needs!

    thumb Stephanie Caitlin

    review rating 5  Recommend is not the word!! Excellent does not cover it. FAIR and honest. Fantastic. So easy to deal with. I could go on. It is just so great to do business with some one who does what they say; does not rake you over the coals (money wise) and just, as I said - FAIR. If you have a business or if you are just some one like me you are nuts if you do not go to budget Computer Repair. Steve is fantastic!!

    thumb Margaret Kreiner
  • review rating 5  Steve is amazing!! He has kept my computer in fine shape for years & his prices are more than reasonable...

    thumb Margaret Earing

    review rating 5  only place I trust!! Anytime I have trouble it is fixed quickly and without hassle.

    thumb Steve Munro

    review rating 5  when it come's to repairing computer's steve is the man

    thumb Nancy Modica

    review rating 0  Steve is a very professional dedicated Tech, he is reasonable, prices are fair, work is exceptional. He gives you what you need at great price and time, look no further for your repair needs.

    thumb Angelo Stevens
  • review rating 5  

    thumb Erica Crane

    review rating 5  Alex did a great job on my computer. Helped me out with any question I had, and even stopped in to follow up to make sure everything was going okay. Thanks!!! We are a small office without an IT department, and its good to know there is someone out there to help. Jackie @Kroeger Insurance

    thumb Jackie Campbell Archambo

    review rating 5  Steve has helped me out many times!! His prices are great and he can set it up so you won't have to bring your laptop in down the road! Honest and I would pass his name out there to any of my friends!

    thumb Patty Jeffrey

    review rating 5  

    thumb Rhonda Miner Webster
  • review rating 5  

    thumb Lisa Redenback

    review rating 5  

    thumb Michelle Reilly

    review rating 5  Steve is great and the rates are beyond reasonable. I really did a number on my computer and he fixed it right up.

    thumb Emma Lindau

    review rating 5  

    thumb Eden Barnes
  • review rating 5  

    thumb Thomas Soulia

    review rating 5  The service was excellent and he was very helpful.

    thumb Daniel Portelli

    review rating 5  

    thumb Craig Campbell

    review rating 5  I chose this company due to it's 5 star rating. I can only agree and give it the same!

    thumb Teresa Willard
  • review rating 5  Awesome!!!

    thumb Dawn Hynes Anderson

    review rating 5  Budget computer sales has been wonderfully honest and easy to deal with! I needed a computer fixed for my consumer and the repair man picked it up and was back to us in just a few hours! Instead of making up all this stuff that was wrong with it he kept it simple !!! I was referred to by a friend! And I will refer also thank you

    thumb Casie Brooks

    review rating 5  He took care of my Laptop and I am so pleased with his work. He took a couple of days to update my PC and now with this new Virus protection I have never been happier. So many things I am able to do now. After everything was downloaded, I got a call the next day making sure everything was running perfect. Never have I had this happen before. Norwich has a top PC repair business !

    thumb Rae Edick

    review rating 5  

    thumb Cory Sanford
  • review rating 5  I would like to tell everyone in the area about Budget computer repair in Noriwch Ny. The owner is helping me for half the cost of the 10 other places I called, and he returns a phone call with in the half hour and he doesn't mind if you purchase parts from other places. He is a very patient man!

    thumb Katie Thomas

    review rating 5  I will mess up my laptop time after time and Steve fixes my laptop everytime! I recommend him for all your computer needs!

    thumb Mary Day

    review rating 5  

    thumb Cheryl Rice Harris

    review rating 5  

    thumb Katlyn Sallai
  • review rating 5  

    thumb Caci Gayle

    review rating 5  I'm very pleased with my services, very quick and they are very easy to talk too.

    thumb Jamie Button

    review rating 5  

    thumb Paul Lackos

    review rating 5  Steve is awesome. . He's done alot for me.. I tell everyone to go to him.

    thumb Suzanne Llewellyn
  • review rating 5  Always there when I need them. Great work!

    thumb Linda E. Leach

    review rating 5  Steve was able to redo my laptop after a hack....i am very grateful, and a lot more careful!!! Thank you for youre fast, affordable, confidential service! I will recommend him to friends & family!!!

    thumb Kim Gray

    review rating 5  I had to use Budget Repair twice and his service and quality of work has been outstanding.

    thumb Ali Safavizadeh

    review rating 5  

    thumb Cindy Somers Norton
  • review rating 5  Best around!

    thumb Alaskan Malamute

    review rating 5  

    thumb Garret Lake

    review rating 5  My hard drive crashed, called Geek Squad they wanted 100 just to peer at it, plus labor plus parts, etc, Found Steve and called him, same day drop off, fast quote, excellent service. The man is an Artist, he fixed my PC which now runs as fast as if I just opened it in the Box, I can't recommend him enough. THIS IS THE GUY YOU WANT.

    thumb Just Listening

    review rating 5  Great price, great people, excellent service! Thank you!

    thumb Frank Murphy
  • review rating 5  The fees are extremely reasonable! He does what he says he is going to do and when he says he is going to do it. Very easy to contact using messenger. Response time is spot on. You are nuts if you do not contact Budget Computer Repair for any and all issues with your computer. Can not speak highly enough about him.

    thumb Margaret Kreiner