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Help Desk

We provide a full featured ticket based Help Desk system to better serve the requests of our clients. One email, and our dedicated team is ready to help you! Contact us today!

Virus Removal

We utilize state of the art tools available only to repair shops that diagnose general performance and malware issues with your PC. These tools detect, repair and remove any infections so we can return you to a safe and secure machine as quickly as possible. Contact us today!

Operating System

Operating system update issues? Stuck in a never ending reboot loop? Blue screen? We can help! From a fresh install, backup and restore, to operating system upgrades, we’ve got it covered! Contact us today!

Data Recovery

Hard drive clicking? Not detected? Need your personal data recovered and transferred to a new PC? We utilize powerful data recovery software designed to safely recover your data, and can set you up with a backup solution that meets your budget! Contact us today!

Remote Support

Can you access the internet from your PC? Do you live outside our normal service range? Don’t feel like packing up your PC to bring in for service? We offer a Remote Support solution that is password protected, and encrypted from our office to your PC. Safe and secure to provide nearly any service you require. Contact us today!

Support Plans

We offer yearly, or monthly support plans tailored to meet your needs. These vary and can cover any or all of the following: a yearly subscription to antivirus,  remote support, reduction in onsite or shop labor, data backup, help desk, operating system and 3rd party software patching, and hardware health monitoring. Contact us today!

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  • Linda Chapman Avatar
    Linda Chapman

    I would recommend Steve anytime. He really is a champ with computers. When you do something and your heart is not in it, then it just becomes a something that you do, but when you do something and your heart is in it, you love doing it and you do it with excellence, dedication etc. Steve's heart is in computer fixing and he does it with love and excellence. He's absolutely committed into doing his utmost when giving your computer to him to fix. He's not perfect but puts his heart in it and that's the difference. You can trust him anytime knowing that he'll do his best for you!!

  • Rae Edick Avatar
    Rae Edick

    He took care of my Laptop and I am so pleased with his work. He took a couple of days to update my PC and now with this new Virus protection I have never been happier. So many things I am able to do now. After everything was downloaded, I got a call the next day making sure everything was running perfect. Never have I had this happen before. Norwich has a top PC repair business !

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